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Glenna is a jazz vocalist, drummer, lyricist, and pianist who was born in Calais Maine. She began performing at an early age. At the age of twelve she was singing standards on a Portland radio station every Saturday morning. Eventually she and her family moved to Boston where she began playing and singing six and seven nights a week in the hotel circuit with her own trio which consisted of piano, bass, and drums (she played stand-up drums). Through that experience which lasted many years, she came to love the American standards.

It should be noted that one of her current favorite jazz vocalists is Diane Reeves, whom she considers the heir apparent to Sarah Vaughn. She has also been influenced by male vocalists such as Billy Eckstine and Joe Williams (with whom her husband performed many years ago at the old Lennie's on the Turnpike jazz club north of Boston).

She and husband John Ferrara have been married since 1975. They have worked together since 1967; it is a musical partnership whose longevity is certainly one of the most enduring ones to be found anywhere on the music scene. She often likes to say about her hubby, "I taught him everything he knows... and I taught some music too!!". He knows more about how to accompany her pianistically as well as in his arrangements than anyone, and Glenna is so familiar with his playing and musical personality that when they perform it is an effortless experience for them.

She has collaborated on several songs with John Ferrara including 'Night Wind', 'Sweet Spring', and 'Your Eyes'. She has also written the lyrics to a beautiful bossa nova, 'Afterglow',  penned by a wonderfully talented pianist/vocalist from Denver, Judy Boyd, a close friend she met while studying at Berklee. 'Afterglow' will debut on the forthcoming CD.

Glenna studied at the Berklee School of Music in the late 1960's.She taught piano and voice at the Rhode Island School of Music and the San Diego School of Music under the leadership of jazz great Hal Crook. She currently lives in Stanford New York with her husband John Ferrara, a jazz pianist and writer.

Her other great passion in life is golf, and she has become an excellent player over the years. On any sunny day, or rainy day, or snowy day, the golf course is where you will find her.